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Here What Our Users Have To Say:

Ruth Lyons - Investor, Author

I've been using Privy for nearly a year and love it. As a "fix and flip" and "buy and hold" investor, Privy puts the real-time research I need to quickly find and evaluate properties at my fingertips. I can see before and after rehab pictures of sold properties in my market so I know how to rehab for a quick sale. I can mine the hot areas of my market for deals and jump on them, often before other investors see them. I've purchased two off-market properties and was able to do the research I needed to negotiate a great deal, thanks to Privy.

Article she wrote for Investor Junkie



Mark England - Investor, Los Angeles, CA

What keeps you coming back to Privy? 
In short - To find investment properties that I can submit offers on. Privy allows me the freedom to find deals myself. I don't need to bother my real estate agent to send me properties to consider, I can browse myself, and come to the decision intelligently using data, all without needing my own access to the MLS. This was always a BIG missing piece to my puzzle.

What is your favorite feature? 
ARV search parameter. Comp analysis, and everything relevant to make an informed decision ALL ON THE SAME PAGE, and I love that I can email that one page to my agent and say "please submit an offer on this house for $xxxx". This is going to be an awesome feature.
What is the biggest benefit for your business in using Privy? For me right now it's to save time. I am 1 person building this business and I need to use tools to leverage my time. This will be one of my main tools to do that with.

Have you saved any time, wrote any offers or closed any deals since using Privy? 
SAVED LOTS OF TIME!I have not made any offers yet, however I am about to start in a week or two. I still have other things that I am finalizing in order to submit offers.
What is the biggest challenge in your business? Finding cheap money lenders and finding good deals. Privy helps me with the latter.

What task do you hate doing right now? (Tedious, boring etc… be specific) 
I hated doing comp analysis before because the tools at my disposal were too time consuming and difficult to craft. But that was when I was searching the wide open market for houses. The conventional method is to search all FOR SALE properties, then try to do a comp analysis to see if it's a good deal. That takes a lot of time and coming up with a comp analysis that way is difficult. But since privy only shows me places that have comps already, its a MASSIVE shortcut and the comp analysis is easy. I KNOW how important it is to have a solid comp analysis to know what price to submit in the offer, and also helps when presenting the deal to money lenders.
Is there anything we can help you with? All around, I am really pleased with the software.


Vittori Rendor - Investor, Baltimore, MD

"Privy enables you with two things: knowledge and speed. You can have a comprehensive and accurate insight on the market within a few clicks. Their real- time alerts also give you the power not only to act quickly; but with confidence. Definitely recommend for a newbie or even a seasoned investor."


Leonard G. - Investor, Baltimore, MD

I just have to say Privy is a great tool every investor needs. Not only that, the great customer service Benson Juarez has provided me is 2nd to none. Whenever I had any questions, he was there to walk me through it. Thanks Again, Leonard G.


Ron Klein - Investor, Los Angeles, CA

"Now I know what investors are actually doing! It gets me closer to making offers faster without having to hunt and peck for stuff. It speeds up the entire process. I also love being able to save properties and tracking them. That way I don't spend time chasing a deal that went under contract. This is the next wave of where real estate investing is going. One of the things that's missing from the real estate business is good business intelligence. Tools to be able to apply some sort of reasoning to what is out there is important. The ability to set different sets of parameters and the ability to get live active feedback from the MLS is really important."


Alex Saldana - Denver, CO

What do you like most about using Privy? The ability to save about 2 hours daily by having a source that "plucks" deals out of the MLS. Also, the speed of pulling quick comps is unmatched.
What feature keeps you coming back to Privy? Pulling comps, no question about it. No service is perfect when it comes to the "art" of pulling comps, but Privy does it better than most, and quicker.
What is the biggest benefit for your business in using Privy? There's never enough hours in the day when looking for a fix and flip. Privy gives me at least 2 hours of that time back daily.
Would you recommend Privy to other investors? Trick question. On one hand yes, I would recommend it to friends. On the other hand, part of me wants an "exclusive" club. But yes, I would recommend it.


Craig C. Rowe - Inman.com - Author, Tech Reviews

“There’s a distinct advantage to seeing “before and after” shots of an investment property.
Privy neatly juxtaposes images of what comps look like when initially placed on the market with images of what it looks like after renovation, whether active or sold.”
“Privy updates MLS data every 15 minutes, which is valuable to investors in tight markets, like Denver, where Privy is currently active.”
“Privy can be a very useful way for agents to serve any active investors in their pipeline.
They can send comp sheets to contacts straight from the system, and also include lenders and contractors.”


John Dewy

Privy is great! I am using it all the time and, while I haven't gotten a deal yet, it has saved me yet again from investing in a deal that wasn’t a deal! I have a friend that told me about a property at 183k that after fixup would sell for 335k. I used privy to comp the property and it came back at between 290k and $300k. I then called a realtor friend of mine and asked for comps...without telling the figure I had found in Privy. She came back with $300k max. It really raised my confidence in Privy and the comps. Additionally I could see that the number of available properties on the market would somewhat flood the market...making it less likely to sell fast...especially at a premium price. Lastly, Privy helped me look at the time period, on average, for sale of the property and I quickly knew my holding costs were going to be higher than what I had been told. In the end I declined to partner on the deal... thanks to Privy and my ability to evaluate a deal at the speed of light... nice! I would love to look at the beta!!!


Mike Goikhberg

What keeps you coming back to Privy?

The speed with which I can browse properties and skim through pictures is incredible. Despite a lot of the comps also being available on sites like redfin, it is far easier, faster and more convenient to browse them through the Privy interface.

What was the moment you knew the software could help you?

I recently came across a deal that Privy showed, and ran it by my partner. Turns out I had forgotten that this was the same exact listing he had brought to me a few weeks earlier as a potentially great deal. This gave me some faith in Privy’s algorithms.

What is the biggest benefit for your business in using Privy?

Currently focusing on wholesaling, so I’d say the speed with which I can figure out comps and see what types of mods and upgrades sell best in which areas.

Have you saved any time, wrote any offers or closed any deals since using Privy?

No, but I haven’t done any deals at all yet. Still a newbie. So this is no shortcoming of Privy.

What is the biggest challenge in your business?

Finding deeply discounted properties, and building a network of legit, reliable buyers.

What task do you hate doing right now? (Tedious, boring etc… be specific)

Compiling lists for marketing campaigns, figuring out owner mailing addresses, etc.

Is there anything we can help you with?

I don’t think the wholesaler issues are really something Privy is concerned with. Privy’s purpose is to enable the absolute most optimal use of the MLS, and it does an excellent job at that.


Annie O'Brien

“My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying Privy! We are brand new to real estate investing with only one property at this time but we fully expect our next one to be found on Privy and if not, we will find our comps and other information on Privy without a doubt! Thank you for creating such a useful tool and caring about it's users!”


Ruth Lyons 

“Two words: LOVE IT! I am finding deals and saving tons of time using it.” 


Minuen May

"As an investor, knowing what other investors are having success with is key. Seeing before and after pictures, and hold times of flips helps me to know what kind of renovations I need to do on my projects to make money."

"With Privy, I can find deals quickly and run my own comps. I don't have to wait around for a Realtor to help me."

"I love the "watch property" feature. It's really well organized. I can see price reductions, days on Market, and what the property eventually sold for so that I know if my original numbers were accurate."


John Dewy

I wanted to share some of my thoughts about Privy and why I believe it is a "game changer" in my business. I have used other products, but Privy has some distinct advantages that have literally saved me thousands of dollars; Privy helped me avoid mistakes by showing me data I had not considered before. 

 Allow me to explain:

I was using another product and had found what I thought was a fantastic deal. It was a beautiful attached row house in Baltimore, near a park, and the price seemed too good to be true. My assistant went and visited the property and I was about to make a strong offer when I sat through the Privy live introduction. I saw the value of Privy and decided that it would benefit my business strategy. What I didn't anticipate at the time was that Privy would, that very night, save me thousands of dollars and tons of stress; Privy showed me why I should NOT buy the property in Baltimore! Privy showed me what I could see nowhere else: the hold time on the property was most likely going to exceed my plans and destroy my profitability! Comparable investor/retail properties nearby were sitting on the market for nearly a year before selling! The only people that were benefiting from the deal were the sellers and the money lenders. Thank you Privy...you saved the day! Here are some of the advantages of Privy I like most:
Privy, shows the construction and on-sale times so I can assess the "heat" of the market and predict my hold time.
Displays comps in easy-to-see tables that my lenders can use to assess the deal.
Lays out the properties in a pictorial so I can rapidly select the best comps for my property style


Paul Olthoff, BS, GRI, SFR, CMRS
Colorado Investment Consultant
MB Colorado Home Team LLC

We have been a subscriber of Privy since 2012 and Privy is the best tool for finding and analyzing investment properties.
During the last few years, we have helped many investors find, negotiate, closed, rehab, sell and make an excellent profit by using the Privy software.
It is easy to use, better than the MLS and provides all the data necessary to make good sound investment decisions...we would not be without it.
Also it is FREE to investors so you investors have nothing to lose and everything to gain


Chris Robinson - CO

I found Privy through a friend. Before Privy, I was using the public front end of the CO real estate association, RE Colorado, and it was a pain in the a**.
I would have to do ten searches just to get a list of properties that I could put into microsoft excel. It would take me 4-5 hours and I would have to do this every three days.
Privy was love at first sight. It's saved me a tremendous amount of time. Privy helped me narrow the universe. We’re taking the whole noisy universe of properties and we’re going to shrink it down to 100 properties.
That by itself saved me 15 hours a week.
Privy is to thank for me finding a viable investment property that I’m likely to make several hundred thousand dollars on. I wouldn’t have found this property if it weren’t for Privy.



Once we started using Privy, things got easier.
It’s not as difficult as we thought, you can actually get properties from the MLS with the same or greater profit as off market properties.
Privy does the hard work for us. It makes it a lot easier to make quicker decisions as opposed to spending a huge chunk of our time searching for these properties, finding the comps and making a decision.
Our time is now better focused and better utilized.


Noel Ann Renz

"I spent around 40 hours/week sifting through the MLS looking for deals prior to Privy. With Privy, I spend around 10 hours each week. This is 75% less time! I find between 5 and 10 deals each week using Privy."

"I would spend 6 or more hours a day and come up with maybe one or two realistic properties.
Now I spend 1-2 hours a day and come up with a dozen or more potential properties for my investors. I accomplish in literally a few hours what used to take a full work week.
Privy is just incredible. I’m super grateful that I have access to this tool to help build my business."


Craig Renz - Investor, Denver, CO

"I used to spend around 2-3 hours a day analyzing properties before having Privy. Now, I can accomplish more within 15-30 minutes using Privy. In 2015, we were able to structure 8 deals sourced from Privy. Inventory is obviously slim right now, so having the leverage of this technology is powerful. Thank you.

"The ability to get comps is dramatically different. I can get a valuation within 30 seconds of looking at the page, instead of ten or fifteen minutes it takes to draw a radius and enter the specs.
I went through 400 deals the other day on Privy and found the six we were going to write on. I feel like I’m no longer missing deals, and I now see everything worth looking at.
The investor comps feature allows me to check out other flips, and see what’s working in the neighborhood.
I’m saving a ton of time and I’m very happy with Privy."


Joe DiMaggio - Owner, Baltimore REIA

“For any serious real estate investor, this tool is a game changer. You have nothing to lose with this free webinar, and everything to gain. Only a limited number of seats are available, so I urge you to signup now.” 


Chris Sanders - Real Estate Agent / Investor

"I’ve continued to expand my cranium on houses I never knew had value, and I would never have looked at or found. The software showed me that it was a great deal."

“I’ve been using the Privy software for 7 years. I buy, per year ,typically 10 houses using the software because it helps me save time on looking up properties on the MLS. Where I’d have to pull “Hot Sheets” and pull comps manually, with this I can do it in less than 10 min, and it also helps me look up Investor Comps in certain neighborhoods so I know what they bought their property for and what they sold it for so I know if I’m working with a deal or not.” ​


Patti Rhodes, Agent Denver, CO

"I can look at 175 properties in roughly, 15 minutes with privy™. The proof of profit in the spread reduces risk for everyone involved — and that’s how privy™ enables me to get deals done quicker."


Jon Sommer, Agent - Denver, CO

"Privy™ helps me assess the right kinds of deals by reviewing the prices of similar homes in the neighborhood, and Privy puts in front of me lots of data—instantly—so I can make a decision."

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